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In need of a reliable maid service in Hillsboro, OR? Well, look no further, because you have found Amazing Maids! We understand that it’s hard to find a trustworthy maid service that delivers excellent customer service and quality, thorough, cleaning. That’s why we started the business in the first place! Your search is over, and Amazing Maids is here to help


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A Hillsboro House-Cleaning Service You can Trust!

We have built ourselves to be one of the best cleaning services in Hillsboro by making sure that we’ve met or exceeded our clients’ needs, every time. A clean home is a happy home, and at Amazing Maids, we strive to provide the joy of a decluttered, clean, and sanitary space for everyone who lives there.

You might find that other cleaning companies in Hillsboro outsource their labor to cut costs. Not so with Amazing Maids. All of our cleaners are hand-picked and specially-trained to meet our strict standards for excellence. Our code of ethics is the very heart of how we do business, and everyone on our staff is dedicated to upholding those values.

With a company that outsources, you just never know if the third-party that comes into your home is honest and trustworthy, or whether they are doing the best job possible. With Amazing Maids, you can count on only the very best in service and thoroughness. Attention to detail is one of our top priorities, so you can be sure that your home will be spotless when we are through.

Why Choose Amazing Maids?

We believe in growing a service that people love and relate to. The customer service that we accord our customers is what has brought us this far. We have made our services as pleasant as possible to our clients using some simple best practices. First our response to emails and contact is record speed.

Quality customer service is always our focus. That means when you call us, we answer and provide you with all the information you need. If you make an appointment with us, We make sure we are on time, every time. We will never use traffic, or weather, or any other excuse. We take all of that into consideration to make sure that we are punctual for our Hillsboro, OR clients. They have come to expect nothing less from us. That’s also why we feel confident in offering a guarantee for our services. If there is any aspect of your cleaning that does not meet your satisfaction, we will clean it again for free.

We understand that many people have an aversion or can have a reaction to harsh chemicals. They are known to be dangerous for the environment as well. At Amazing Maids, we do not use toxic chemicals in our cleaning products. We want to protect not just the environment, but your family and loved ones as well. There’s no point in having a home that’s free of dust and grime if it is still left with substances that can damage your health.

Cleaners that are made with harsh chemicals and detergents leave traces that can last for hours or days. That entire time, your family could be inhaling toxic fumes that can cause or exacerbate serious health issues. With Amazing Maids cleaning services, you can rest your head knowing that the air you breathe is as healthy and safe as possible.

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Benefits of Using Our Hillsboro Maid Services

Schedule Services Online – we are very easy to reach online and from our interactive platform, you can quickly schedule for our maid service Hillsboro, Oregon without the need for scheduling pre-home visits. Just tell us the size of your home and we will be there ready.

Cleaning Done Right – most of the clients that use our services become regular clients because they experience cleaning like they never did before. The products used are non-toxic and safe for your children and pets. No corner or surface in your entire house will be left untouched.

Everything will be sparkling clean before our team of maids leaves your house. You will be impressed.

We Save Time – we do not send only one maid to your house. We send them in pairs, which means you get an extra set of eyes so no spot is missed. Also, they are trained and know how to coordinate well so they clean your house quickly and effectively.

If you need amazing maid services Hillsboro OR has to offer, then call us today for the absolute best value for your money.



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