Amazing Maids | Beaverton Maid Service

For those who want to keep their homes in order, you might want to hire a maid service. Instead of worrying about the laundry, cleaning, and tidying, a maid service in an area like Beaverton can help you get more out of life. Maid services are different from a housekeeper or cleaner. They often offer a variety of jobs, that can be completed every day, week, or month, depending on how often you need them.

Next time you are worrying about the housework, you can put it aside and call a maid service to help you. If you are wondering how they can help and assist your needs:

-Thorough cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms
-Vacuuming throughout the house
-Making beds
-Dusting all surfaces, including baseboards and light fixtures

If you want a service like a deep clean, then you may need to pay an additional fee or ask someone else in. Maid services are typically for light household work. You know, the kind of stuff that gets in the way.

Depending on your needs, preferences, and budget, there are a few things to consider before hiring a maid service.


Depending on your needs and budget, you can arrange for cleaners to come weekly, every other week, monthly, or some other variation. Every other week is a common choice. If you’re not sure about a long-term commitment, consider a trial run of two to four cleanings.


Some maid services will charge more than others. This is due to expertise and popularity. If you are on a budget it may be worth hiring a maid service with less expertise but can get the essentials you need doing. Before estimating a price, a company will send an employee to view your home and determine your cleaning needs. Be sure to ask what the price includes and what you’re expected to provide.

If you are wanting more out of life and to worry less about household work, then you may benefit from hiring a maid service.