Keeping up with your daily house cleaning can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to occupy all your time. Keeping your house clean is less about the amount of time involved, and mostly about building some good practices that you eventually begin to follow instinctively. However, there are still times when things go crazy, and you are not able to follow through at all times with the regular cleaning, but you can follow these few habits to keep your home clean and tidy.

Begin With Making The Beds

Some people think that making beds is just a waste of time and energy, but it usually makes a huge difference in how neat the room looks and it only takes a few minutes. Moreover, it starts off your day well, and you will also enjoy climbing into a properly made bed at the end of your day.

To make things pretty easy, you can simplify your bedding as much as possible. As the most visible place in many bedrooms, unmade beds can make the entire room look messy. Making the beds will not only make your house neat, but it will also look clean as well.

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Do A Single Load Of Laundry Each Day

Depending on the number of loads you usually do every week, you might not need to do this each day. You can develop the habit of putting in a single load of laundry every morning when you wake up. If you work outside your home and will not have an opportunity to dry it before leaving the house, put your washing machine on delay so it will be ready to use the dryer once you get home.

You can also put your load in the washing machine in the morning and turn it on once you get home. Save some time during your day to finish the load and also put it away.


Make a comprehensive list of what you want to do and then prioritize what should be done first and what can wait until the following day because cleaning tasks are not designed equally.

Depending on the available time, write down your top three cleaning goals and follow them first before attempting to carry out any other tasks. Having a priority list will not only help you to remain focused, but it will also ensure that your house stays tidy and clean.


This approach might need to be implemented over a long period, but taking some time to organize and get rid of clutter in your home will significantly cut down on time required to clean the house.

Having a place for everything makes it incredibly easier to tidy up both for you and your family. Less stuff out on the surface tops and counters cuts back on dusting and also make cleaning quicker.

Identify Your High Traffic Spots

If you concentrate on keeping your high traffic spots clean every day, you can typically assist in preventing the spread of dust and dirt throughout the rest of your house. Ensure that you have a specific place for shoes at your house entrances to remind everybody to remove their shoes and keep all the shoe dirt contained in a single place.

Using small area rugs or carpets at the doors can also assist in trapping most of the incoming dirt. Try to vacuum or sweep these areas every day. It doesn’t have to be much because five minutes or more is enough to do it.


Although these house cleaning tips do not amount to a full house cleaning, once you get in the habit of sticking to them daily maybe you won’t have to clean each week. You don’t have to be the only one to do them all, get your children involved in doing a little for your house each day and they will grow to be responsible adults who also know how to maintain a clean home as well.