Dust is unhealthy, and it’s inevitable that it will accumulate in your home over time. It can be in the form of pollen grains, dirt, dead cells, or hair.

Even if you dust your house regularly, there are certain places or things that are likely to collect a lot of dust. Here are 5 tips that can help you keep your home free of dust. If you’re looking for a quick moving out cleaning service in Beaverton, we are here to help!

1. Change Your Bedding Regularly

One way to get rid of dust is to change and clean your bedding more regularly. They can collect dust and dust mites easily, and if you also allow pets on your bed, there can be dander and fur as well.

You will spend at least six hours in bed every day; therefore, make sure to clean your bedding as many times as possible. Bed sheets should be cleaned at least twice a week. Do not forget the blankets, duvets, and pillow cases, though these can be cleaned after a week or two.

2. Get The Right Tools For Dust Removal

Dusting has to be done correctly, because if not, it can quickly spread all over the house. Use a damp rag or cloth to attract dirt.

You should also have vacuum attachments for surfaces that are not easy to clean with a piece of cloth. Other parts of the house are also very rough, so only a vacuum can suck the dust up and keep your home clean.

3. Beat Your Cushions And Carpets

Carpets and cushions are some of the most significant dust reservoirs you have in your home. They can absorb dust and then release it into the air once someone steps on the carpet or sits on the cushions. This triggers an allergy in people who cannot withstand dust.

What you need to do is drape your carpet on a fence or your clothesline, and beat it with a tennis racket or a stick, such as a broom handle.

Place your cushions in the backyard and beat them, but make sure they are on a dust free surface. You can also cover your furniture with vinyl or leather, because they are easy to clean and will not absorb dust.

4. Replace The Air Filter On Your Heating/Cooling System

Dust is dangerous because it can quickly become airborne in your home. However, if you have a heating or cooling system, it should help to filter the air. Having an advanced model will ensure proper filtering, and keep your air dust-free.

Even though no filter can guarantee 100% dust free air, these systems prevent dust accumulation. If you have one and dust has been accumulating, it’s time to replace it.

5. Follow The Right Order When Cleaning

When you’re cleaning your house, start with the top and finish up with the bottom. Start by dusting the high shelves and pieces of furniture, and lastly, vacuum the floor. If you start at the bottom, all the dust from the higher areas will fall to the lower levels.

It is evident that dust in the house can be found anywhere. You must make the extra effort to ensure that all places are cleaned, even if it is from time to time, to avoid complications that may arise from dust that has been accumulating.

Remember to always have the right tools to clean, because using the wrong ones can cause quite the mess.