Everyday housekeeping can be a chore, but it is a crucial step in minimizing the chances of developing black mold. Existing black mold in your house should be taken care of by a professional, and though the price varies depending on how big the job is, it’s important to get rid of the mold to protect the health of your family. Be sure to know how to clean hard to reach areas as well.

Black Mold Can Cause Serious Illness

Black mold can cause harm to someone’s health and the symptoms will vary depending on how much black mold is present. Common health problems include irritated eyes, constant sneezing or coughing, rashes, fatigue, and constant headaches. More serious symptoms involve vomiting and nausea, nose bleeds, and bleeding inside your lungs.

Cleaning your home every day can ensure that the chances of developing black mold are very unlikely, but if there is black mold present in your house, there are some ways to prevent it from coming back. A critical step in preventing black mold is to figure out where the problem areas are.

Where Does Mold Usually Grow?

Mold tends to grow in damp areas, such as bathrooms or basements, so those places should be closely examined, Also, if you have any leaks in your house or cracks on the ceilings, you should examine them and have them taken care of. Any wet areas in your home should be dried quickly; dry out your basement if it was flooded during a storm, get rid of any carpets or sheets that have water damage, and avoid leaving your clothes in the washing machine for a long period of time.

Proper Ventilation Can Help Prevent It

You should also make sure that your house is ventilated properly, so open a window or acquire a dehumidifier or a ceiling fan if your house is typically humid and stuffy. If you have anything that leaks, such as a leaky faucet, a burst pipe, or a roof that leaks, take care of them immediately because even a small, persistent leak can be an invitation for black mold.

Fix Your Leaky Faucets!

Replace your faucets or have new pipes installed if they don’t function properly and be sure to keep your gutters cleaned as well, as they might be the cause of a leaky roof. The foundation of your home should also be inspected to make sure that water isn’t running into your house after a storm or a flood.

Purchase Mold Resistant Products For Your Home

There are some mold-resistant products you can use in your home to help prevent black mold. If your house has been treated for black mold, you can use mold-resistant paint on the walls and ceilings, and it can be applied to your basement floor. Also, any drywall that was found with mold should be removed and new ones should be installed.

Carpets or furniture that had black mold on them should also be removed from the house. You can also have mold-resistant carpeting installed in your basement since that’s typically the place where moisture is drawn in.

Black mold should always be cleaned by a professional, as they have the proper skills and techniques to conquer the problem. Professionals have the right equipment, products, and protective gear that can ensure their safety and properly clean your home. Attempting to clean black mold on your own could mean putting yourself in harms way and making the problem worse.