We all love our furry companions, be that canine, feline, bird, and even rodent, but sometimes, like the adorable fur-babies they are, they make an accident – just like human toddlers. We know they can’t help it, we know it’s an accident, but sometimes, cleaning up their number ones and number twos (YUCK!) can feel like, well, a chore. You can find out reliable maid services in the Hillsboro area here.

So we’re here to help, giving you the best and quickest solutions to cleaning up after your furry loved ones, making your house sparkle fresh and odor-free. Below we have listed the four best methods to vanquishing those obtrusive odors and annoying accidents that occur in any pet-friendly home:

Keep it Organic but Avoid Vinegar

If you’re health positive and want to keep away from the pet odor neutralizers, fabric cleaners and bleach, be that it gets on your chest, making you wheeze, or you just don’t like the thought of the stuff clinging to your home, baking soda might be your new best friend.

Simply spread where smells (liberally) and rub in with a cleaning brush, then let it sit overnight and – BOOM! – nasty smells be gone!

But whatever you do, don’t dabble in vinegar and use that to clean up after your pet. Yes, it’s an effective natural cleaner, but it has been suggested by The Humane Society that vinegar (and ammonia for that matter) may actually attract your furry friend to repeat its accident as it may possibly signal to them they need to re-mark their territory.

Classic Chemicals Might Be the Right Solution For Your Problem

Sometimes the tried and trodden path is best. The market is overflowing with pet sprays from deep cleaners, to quick and fast pet odor neutralizers, you can even use fabric cleaners (make sure they’re specific to the fabric you’ll be cleaning, though!). Simply dab and soak up any mess with paper towels, then apply the cleaner to the spot (again, be liberal, you’re home deserves it) and brush away till the spot is odor-free.

When looking for pet odor cleaners, look in particular for enzymatic solutions, they’re filled with natural enzymes that will break down your pet’s urine and poop, making cleaning a fresh breeze.

Wet Vac? Go on, then!

We like to argue that wet vacs are heaven-sent to aid you in caring for your home as you share it with your furry friend. A simple and inexpensive piece of vital equipment that we strongly urge you to invest in. If you’re not so thrilled on the idea of having to soak up or grab your pet’s “little” accident then the wet vac is the future. Simply re-wet the spot that needs cleaning and suck up the mess and dirt – you can even mix with a pet cleaning spray for an extra level of cleaning and security.

Pure Air, Best Air

Air purifiers are multi-purpose gadgets that will have your home feeling fresher than a springtime meadow. Not only will it be effective at absorbing and destroying any kind of odor (not just pet), it will also get rid of pesky pollutants such as dust, smoke, and pollen, so it’s like a win, win, win…possibly, win? We truly hope our four best methods to a sparkling-fresh, pet-friendly home has been helpful to you and your furry friend(s).

Final Thoughts

Whether you take an organic approach or the traditional chemical route it needs to be done quickly and effectively.   These types of stains and odors will begin to get worse if it’s not taken care of properly and immediately.  We hope this information helps with the stains and smells from your beloved fur baby.  Not only will it be beneficial for your home but it will help in preventing allergies and sickness by keeping your air quality clean and fresh.