Hardwood floors can add beauty to any room, and they can be quite durable as long as they are cleaned properly. In order to keep hardwood floors looking shiny and new, proper house cleaning habits should be acquired. Sweeping everyday may be an essential step if there is a constant stream of activity. Learn more about dusting here.

Hardwood Floors and Water

If there are children or pets running around or if you have frequent guests, it would be best to sweep every day. Mopping will help in keeping the shiny look but it’s important to note that water and hardwood floors are not a good mix.

Start a Mopping Regiment

Mopping should be done, ideally, once a week and the mop used should not be drenched with water. Be sure that your mop is more on the damp side rather than sopping wet.  Also, consider the type of hardwood floors you are cleaning. If your hardwood is sealed, use minimal hot water and avoid cleaners.

Is Your Hardwood Floor Sealed or Unsealed?

For unsealed hardwood floors, sweep or use a dust mop. To check if your hardwood is sealed or unsealed, put a little bit of water on the floor and if it’s absorbed or creates spotting, then your floors are unsealed and should not be mopped. A cleaning mixture can be created just for your floors; take a few cups of water, add some dish soap, and mix them together.

You Can Damage Your Hardwood Floor

It’s important to keep in mind that hardwood floors should be cleaned one section at a time and then dried with a cloth. Start with one section of the floor and mop (keeping the mop damp), and then take your cloth or dry mop and thoroughly dry the floor before moving to the next section. Avoid using any furniture sprays or alkaline products, as they will cause the floor to become slippery and may scratch the finish.

Also, while lemon juice and water mixed with vinegar can clean your floors and make them shine, it’s best to not over-rely on them because they can damage the seal. If there’s still a lack of a shiny seal, it is likely that you will need to apply a new coat of finish. Keep in mind that the seal doesn’t last forever, and a new coat of finish should be applied every three to five years.

Do It Yourself Floor Repair

To add a new coat of finish to your floors, lightly sand the surface to get rid of stains of scratches, clean the floors for safe measure, and then add one or two coats of finish. The second coat of finish should only be reserved for floors that have been badly damaged.

Research the Products You Use to Clean the Hardwood Floor

Products used on your hardwood floors should be thoroughly researched and the labels should be closely inspected. Consider the brands and look up their reviews beforehand so there aren’t any surprises. If one brand doesn’t suit your needs, give your floors a little time to relax, so to speak, before using a different product.

As it stands, Bona is the most recommended brand for hardwood floors, and Method Products is also recommended because it is natural and biodegradable.