When your dear children go back to school, they are entering the wonderful world of learning once again. But the stark reality is that they are also entering the world of germs that easily spread and that can make children so very sick.

That is why it is super important for you to know how to combat back to school germs in order to help your children stay as healthy as possible when there are many runny noses, sore throats, the flu and colds that are going around.  You can book our Beaverton Maid services today.

Here we go:

Teaching Your Kids About Germs and What Happens When They Spread Can Help Tremendously!

If you are careful to follow these easy and beneficial tips, they can help to prevent the spreading of those undesirable germs that cause sickness.  The more you teach your children the better their future will be.  Below are a few simple techniques that can stop germs right in their tracks.

Disinfect Doorknobs, Surfaces, Remotes, Toy Bins and Refrigerator Handles

Cleaning doorknobs regularly is ultra-important, because hands that carry back to school germs are always touching those doorknobs. Just because those doorknobs look like they have no dirt on them does not mean that doorknobs are free of germs. Germs are invisible, but the sickness that they cause is not invisible. Any surfaces that are shared among your family members should be disinfected. This means that you should be careful to disinfect television remotes and toy storage bins. Also, be mindful to regularly disinfect refrigerator handles, as those unseen germs could easily otherwise be transported to your food and then suddenly you and your children could become extremely ill.

Teach Your Children the ABCs of Healthy Hygiene to Prevent Sickness From School Germs

Children should make sure that they wash their hands both before and after using the bathroom by using soap and water. They should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds in order to make sure that no germs remain on their hands. In order to help children to make sure they are washing their hands for the right amount of time; they can sing Happy Birthday two times. They can sing it to themselves silently in their minds if they do not want anyone to hear them.

Children should realize that there are germs that also linger on water fountains, shared school supplies and railings. That is why children should be careful to wash their hands when coming in contact with such surfaces that are touched by many children who may be carrying germs. A good way to help children to combat these germs is to provide them with hand sanitizer and wipes, so that they can disinfect their hands and their school items when it is not possible to go to the bathroom to wash their hands. This helps if teachers may not permit the children to leave the classroom all the time to wash their hands.

Everyone Should Know the Proper Etiquette For Sneezing

Children should cough or sneeze into their elbow or tissues. But they should never do so on their hands, as this can spread germs to other surfaces. This is due to the fact that they touch many items. But coughing and sneezing into a tissue or into the elbow will help to greatly reduce the spreading of germs that can make others sick.


Back to school germs are nasty. But children and family members can avert becoming ill by following the tips that were provided here. So remember to disinfect things often and also be sure to teach your children about the ABCs of healthy hygiene. Your children will stay well when they wash their hands often and when they are aware of germs on shared school items. Also, it is courteous if they are sick to sneeze or cough into a tissue or their elbow, so they do not spread their germs to others.