As the cold months get closer, fireplaces are going to be used almost daily by homeowners.  When it comes to owning fireplaces it’s important to know how to take care of it during the off season too.  Proper maintenance and cleaning are necessary to get completed before the cold weather starts to hit.   Failing to do so may result in a fire, breathing issues and deterioration of your fire place.

Hiring the Professionals Is the Best Choice

When the fireplace needs to be cleaned, it’s usually best to have a company handle the cleaning. If homeowners take it upon themselves to clean their fireplace, this could end up with injuries or having a mess on your hands. There are some ways you can do to have a clean fireplace which you want to especially if guests are going to see it when they come over. You can book our Beaverton house cleaning services here.

Below are ways to keep your fireplace clean and working to its top potential.

The Messiest Parts of the Fireplace

If you have a brick fireplace, soot and dust are going to be your biggest concern. On top of that, the ash that remains after a fire will make sweeping out the fireplace take longer than normal. If the fireplace is cleaned correctly, you’ll get through the Winter season with no issues at all.  If you decide to pass on getting professional help then follow these directions to help clean your fireplace the proper way.

  1.  Don’t attempt to clean the fireplace until the fire has stopped burning completely. It’s recommended that if you have to wait a full 24 hours then that is better than causing a mess or possibly having the fire spread outside the fireplace.
  2.  When the fireplace is safe enough to clean, put a towel or sheet down.  This protects your floor or carpet from being stained by ash. You might want to roll up the rug and cover any furniture around the fireplace.
  3.  Have a garbage can close by and brush the debris off the walls and floor of the fireplace into the dustpan. Work smart and carefully in order to prevent debris from spreading all over the place.
  4.  When the job is done, tie up the bag and dispose of it in a trash can outside. Once you’ve discarded the bag then go and pick up the sheet that you laid down.  Wash your hands so that you do not put dirty hand prints all over everything.
  5.  Use the vacuum to clean any ash that you may have missed.

Cleaning the Bricks Post Fireplace Season

When log burning season is over you will now have to clean off the grime that was produced.   At this time, the bricks will be filthy and covered with ash.   When you do this make sure the fireplace has already been cleaned. This includes the walls inside the fireplace.

Cleaning Specific Spots

If a small area needs to be cleaned, that can be handled with water and cream of tartar.  It is recommended to do a spot test before starting this project.  Here are the directions of using cream of tartar for cleaning.

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar with water to get a paste-like substance
  2. Put the paste on the parts of the fireplace you want to clean. Leave it there between 5-10 minutes
  3. Use warm water to wash off the paste
  4. Repeat the steps as many times as necessary

Cleaning Larger Brick Areas

While cream of tartar works to clean the outside of the fireplace, it won’t work to clean the inside since it is a massive job compared to a few bricks.   So if you are going to clean the inside of the fireplace, you will want to use baking soda and dish soap. Be sure to remove andirons and grates before you start cleaning this cleaning process.  Here are the directions on working with baking soda:

  1. Make a paste by combining a cup of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of dish soap. If the paste doesn’t spread easily then you will need more dish soap
  2. Put a scrub brush into the paste and scrub in small circular motions as you work your way up the wall of the fireplace
  3. Use warm water to wash off the paste
  4. Repeat the steps as many times as needed

Cleaning Glass Fireplaces

As the cold months go on, a glass fireplace can get dirty. If you leave that until the next cold season, it will be difficult to clean when you get to it. What most people do not know is ash can be used to clean glass fireplaces. Besides, water and paper towels will be required as well. The directions to clean a glass fireplace is below:

  1. First, there might be a specific way to clean your fireplace detailed in the instructions. You don’t want to void a warranty by cleaning your glass fireplace the wrong way.
  2. Wait until the fire is no longer burning and until the glass is not a hot temperature
  3. Put ashes into a bowl and add water until you make a nice paste
  4. Use a microfiber towel to apply the ash paste onto the glass and rub in circular motion

You may need to use a straight razor or stronger cleaner if your glass fireplace still isn’t clean.

Final Thoughts

Having a clean fireplace has so many benefits.  It makes for a healthier environment, it increases the safety of having a fire going in your home and it’s so much better aesthetically.  So, make sure there is no soot in the hearth, the walls have been cleaned  and relish in the cozy environment thanks to your dedication to your fireplace.