When it comes to household cleaning, at times most of the struggle is simply accessing the places you are trying to scrub, disinfect or dust. Under the beds, the top of your kitchen cabinets, the top of your door frames and the top of your fan blades are among the most challenging places to clean.

There are also many other places you are likely to forget when cleaning around the house like beneath the rim of your toilet and the window blinds as well. To make your regular cleaning routine easier without straining, here are some smart tricks and tips you can use to clean even the most hard-to-reach spots in your house. For the best house cleaning in Beaverton, call us today: 503-925-8103.

Cleaning the Ceiling Fan

Cleaning your ceiling fan can be a real struggle, but the pillowcase dusting tip is a tried-and-true technique although it requires a ladder or step stool. You can also buy and use a curved duster that is shaped to easily slide on the blade of an ordinary ceiling fan, collecting cobwebs and dust. A long handle which is sold separately will mean that you won’t require mounting on a chair or ladder to carry out this cleaning task.

Cleaning Window Blinds

When it comes to dusting your window blinds, using some kitchen tongs can make the cleaning task easier for you. Just grab several microfiber cleaning cloths, some rubber bands, and your kitchen tongs. Wrap the cleaning cloths around the ends of the tongs and secure them in place using rubber bands. Utilize the cloth-covered tongs to clean both the bottom and top of every slat in your window blinds.

Cleaning Behind The Toilet

The place beneath the rim of a toilet bowl is a common spot for all forms of nastiness. At times even a thorough scrubbing cannot get it completely clean. One of the best ways to clean this difficult-to-reach spot is to soak several paper towels in vinegar, and then stick them up underneath the rim.

Allow the white vinegar to work its magic for about an hour and then remove the paper towels, and utilize a toilet brush to clean any remaining slime.

Cleaning Under The Appliances

Sometimes, we take for granted that nothing is going on behind and under the refrigerator, washer, dryer or stove. But most of the kitchen appliances usually attract grease, which offers a perfect place for dust to settle or stick. Other home appliances collect lint and dust from daily living and laundry. You might need assistance moving some of your major appliances several times a year to make sure that the place where you cook is as clean as possible.

Apart from cleaning the place under and around your dryer and washer, you should also clean out your dryer vents to prevent any fire hazards.  Just knowing and remembering that these areas need to be cleaned once in a while is your tip.  Make sure you are aware that it has to be done to avoid any build up or becoming a hazard to you and your family.

Cleaning Window Tracks

Your vacuum probably came with tools to help clean different areas of your home, but they might not be helpful in all situations. For example, the crevice tool might not be narrow enough to enter your window tracks when you want to vacuum them. In such cases, you can try using a cardboard tube from the middle of a toilet paper roll.

Tape one end to the vacuum hose, and then squeeze the other end until it fits into the window tracks and the other narrow spaces.  This tip is very helpful because those crevices are known to house layers of dust that goes unseen throughout the year.  It also helps to use this tip if you want to get under big appliances if you do not have time to safely move them around.

Your weekly or daily housecleaning schedule can take you to very many areas that may be overlooked if you are not accustomed to visiting them using a dust rag or the vacuum. However, there are possibly several difficult-to-reach spots that don’t get the benefit of routine cleaning.

Places in your house that are challenging to get to might even escape your mind as requiring attention at all. Regardless of the area, you can complete your cleaning list with the above housecleaning tricks for challenging spots.  Sticking to a weekly schedule with help reduce build up and making cleaning a quicker task.