So many coffee pot owners tend to look over the fact that they should be doing a deep clean on their system every now and then.  In order to have the freshest cup of coffee then you need to be dissolving the old grime from old pots that have been brewed.  It’s a tedious task but it’s one that needs to be a priority.  Especially, if you want your coffee pot to continue to function years after your purchase. For the best house cleaning services in Hillsboro OR, contact us today.

Did You Know Denture Tablets Can Be Used For Cleaning More Than Just Dentures?

There are many ways to clean your system but there’s only one way that really stands out in my mind.  It’s quick, simple and you don’t have to do much.  Denture tablets! Did you know that denture tablets can be used for cleaning your coffee pot? Let’s look at how to use denture tablets to clean three types of coffee making devices.

Auto Drip Makers

It’s important to clean your drip coffee maker at least twice a month, to ensure your coffee tastes its best; having said that, if you live in a hard water area, you may need to clean out your coffee maker more frequently than twice a month. You will notice how much the flavor of your coffee will improve afterwards, especially if it’s been a while.

Fully dissolve two denture tablets in water before running a pot of water in through your coffee maker – this will force out any coffee grounds. Pour in the denture water solution and let your machine sit for five minutes (make sure your coffee machine is switched off)

Turn the machine back on, put the decanter in its place and run the solution through. Once finished, run a couple of jugs of cold water through your machine. If your machine doesn’t look clean to you, repeat the process, as many times as you feel is necessary, making sure all traces of the solution are removed.


Keurig coffee machines are so convenient to use and they produce exquisite tasting coffee; the downside is that when they get clogged up and scale builds up in the machine, it doesn’t work as well and inevitably it affects the flavor of the coffee. To clean the Keurig machine with denture cleaning tablets, fill the reservoir with warm water,place two tablets in the warm water – allowing them to fully dissolve. Run the solution into containers until the reservoir is completely empty. Repeat the process using only warm water.

 French Press

To get your french press coffee maker sparkling, begin by rinsing out any coffee grounds ensuring that there are no remnants. Fill your french press to the top with warm water. Drop in just one denture tablet and let it sit for about ten minutes. When the ten minutes are up, rinse it out fully with water only, and dry it thoroughly.

For a real deep clean, disassemble all the parts, like the lid, plunger, disks and filter screens; rinse off any remaining coffee grounds, next, fill your kitchen sink with warm water and drop in about four denture tablets. Let the tablets dissolve in the warm water before putting all the parts in, and let them set until the residue is removed. Scrub away any excess, and before reassembling the parts, make sure they are thoroughly dry.

Denture tablets are very effective at cleaning most if not all coffee machines, and while there are other mixtures that you could use for cleaning, the advantages of using denture cleaning tablets is that there are no strong smells to contend with, they are fast acting and are also fairly cheap to buy. If you clean your coffee machines regularly with denture tablets your machines will work better and your coffee will taste better too.