Cleaning your home can often seem like a chore. It is often a chore you put off doing because you dislike scrubbing the floors or the results never last long enough. But, if you live in Beaverton and are looking to hire help or make use of the best industry tips, you have come to the right place. House cleaning like a pro has never been easier with the use of these 7 tips from Beaverton experts

  1. Declutter: To ensure a more efficient house cleaning job, set yourself up for success by decluttering first. Put items in their designated areas put laundry away, and pick things off the floor.
  2. Set A Schedule: Instead of stressing about how much house cleaning there is to do, set a schedule for the week. That way, you can tackle each house cleaning task one at a time and get the job done properly. 
  3. Use The Right Tools: For a professional-worthy clean, make sure you use the right tools and supplies. You will want floor cleaning tools, dusters, polishes, disinfectants, and gloves. 
  4. Use Multi-Purpose Products: Use multi-use products. Instead of constantly switching out from a glass cleaner to a surface cleaner, reach for something that can work during house cleaning on both areas. 
  5. Find More Effective Alternatives To Clean With: Ever wondered how people get their windows extremely clean and streak-free? As it turns out, a newspaper makes for a great window cleaner. To clean your windows with newspaper, spray the area with a window spray, then crumple up the newspaper to buff out the liquid. The paper and ink make a gentle abrasive that can remove watermarks and make your entryway shine. 
  6. Use A Vacuum For Everything: When it comes to house cleaning, vacuuming is an absolute must. Even if you have tile or wood flooring. Before you mop the floors, make sure to vacuum. In addition, vacuum the couch and corners of your kitchen, your couch, and anywhere that can collect dirt.
  7. Dust The Dust Away: Similar to vacuuming, dusting can help remove buildup and make wiping things down a lot easier. Before you spray your surface cleaner or deep clean items on a shelf, be sure to give them a quick wipe with a duster.

There you have it, 7 tips to help you clean like a pro!