Chances are, you have dryer sheets in your house. Many people use them to prevent static on their clothes while doing laundry. They also have the added bonus of smelling really good. They are obviously a great thing to use while doing laundry, but did you also know they can be used for other things? After this, catch up on our newly published How to Clean Hard to Reach Spots article.

What Else Could Dryer Sheets Be Used For?

If you have dryer sheets in your home, you might be surprised to learn that you can use them for other cleaning jobs other than just making your clothes smell fresh and staying static free.

Cleans and Shines Stainless Steel

If you have appliances that are stainless steel, you know cleaning them can be a big pain. There’s always fingerprints showing up on them or they just don’t look as shiny as they should. If you rub them with a dryer sheet, they can shine once again!

Helps to Eliminate Soap Scum

Ew. Soap scum is gross, and it seems to show up out of nowhere. Did you know soap scum can be cleaned away with a dryer sheet? The chemicals in the dryer sheet that make clothes soft also soften soap scum. Give it a try. Just scrub the soap scum with a dryer sheet and watch it disappear.

Removes Pet Fur from Furniture

If you have a pet that sheds a lot, dryer sheets can help with that. Rub it over your furniture or any other place pet hair accumulates. The dryer sheet will pick it right up!


Rubbing a dryer sheet along your baseboards not only gets them clean but it also repels dust from accumulating on them again. That should help you cut down on some of the time you spend cleaning.

Computer Screens

This works the same as it does on base boards. The electricity from your computer causes static which attracts dust. Why not use a dryer sheet to cut down on that static? Use it the same way you would use a dusting cloth. The less static, the less dust will accumulate around your computer or any other electronic screens.

Cleaning Irons

If the base plate on your iron is getting a bit sticky, turn it on to low heat and place it on top of a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will take that crud right off!

Deodorizes Stinky Places

You love the smell of your clothes when they just come out of the dryer. So, why not use that smell around your house? You can place them in the trashcan, hamper, inside shoes, or even in dresser drawers. Any place that you want to smell fresh, put a dryer sheet there. Your house might not be as clean as you like but at least it will smell like it is.

Dryer sheets aren’t just for doing laundry. They have so many other uses that you probably haven’t even thought of. They are an amazing little tool to help with cleaning your house. They work really well as a dust cloth because they pick up and repel dust and grime. If you’ve never used dryer sheets to help with your daily cleaning routine, now might be the time to start.